LudiBoard: Colorful Learning Board for Children

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Looking for the perfect game to engage your children away from screens and boost their cognitive abilities?
Explore our vibrant LudiBoard, where your child can learn about colors, numbers, and shapes while enhancing their hand-eye coordination.
This entertaining and educational toy is inspired by the renowned Montessori method, ensuring a high-quality learning experience through sensory exploration. Invest in your child’s development today!

How does the LudiBoard work?

Our LudiBoard is incredibly user-friendly and designed to foster your child’s psychomotor skills. With this board, your child can:

  • 🎨 Learn colors and shapes
  • 🔢 Discover numbers and quantities through associations
  • ➕ Engage in basic arithmetic calculations
  • 🌟 Develop autonomy
  • 🤲 Improve fine motor skills

Crafted from premium wood, this versatile board offers a wide range of activities to entertain and educate your child simultaneously. Experience the benefits of Montessori-inspired learning and make the LudiBoard a part of your child’s educational journey. Invest in their future success today!

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Plateau Chiffres : 35.5cm x 13cm Plateau Chiffres avec pêche à la ligne : 38cm x 15 cm / Cane de 16 cm Plateau Alphabet avec pêche à la ligne : 42cm x 15 cm / Cane de 16 cm




A base d'eau, respectueuse de l'environnement


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